Thursday, September 04, 2008


FORGET ISSUES, if those elitist "community organizers" win, they're going to tax our babies!


That is all.


Terrence said...

Absolute nonsense and absolutely devoured by the audience.

Devin said...

The Republicans are banking on people ignoring the big picture (lack of experience) and focusing on goofy anecdotes (she kills moose). Seriously? Even The Daily Show covers both.

capnjoy said...

i seriously thought they were gonna start passing that baby around the convention hall.

mik3cap said...


Ian said...

At least they didn't say "street organizer."

There's an easy comeback, though: the Republicans have been in power for 8 years. THEY'RE the elite.

Brad O'Farrell said...

The commentary on Twitter kept me from shooting myself in the head. It also helped that I was watching it with a room full of left wing production company wives who groaned loudly at any lady pandering.

Arg. It's so frustrating. Her speech was good, but it was good in that it was well composed and well delivered, but it didn't add up to a logically sound argument. It was just good enough to sway the human cows, but not good enough to actually make a McCain presidency not sound terrible.

I'm basically using this election to determine wether or not the majority of Americans are okay or stupid assholes. We'll see in November, I guess.

DeleteMe said...

You know the relatively recently established archetype of the "uptight librarian" who puts her hair up in a "tight bun" and wears "nerdy glasses" and then it turns out she's secretly a "sexually voracious hellcat"?

Nicely played, RNC. She came off like Bizarro Tina Fey.

Me so sad.

Perry Gerakines said...

Gotta love
this commentary from CNN's Hilary Rosen. Calls out McCain and Palin on many issues.

portablelife said...

A great commentary on what the label "Community Organizer" really means...

Benjamin said...


Why wait until November? The fact that an overwhelming majority of voters still happily buy into a two party system (as though on any issue with two proposed solutions, one of them is guaranteed to be "right") suggests to me that my fellow Americans tend to cluster around the "stupid asshole" end of the spectrum. Politically, at least.

Brad O'Farrell said...
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Brad O'Farrell said...


I know, partisanism is lame. But the system we currently have (accidentally?) lends itself to a two party system, and most people would rather pick RED TEAM or BLUE TEAM than pick candidates based on their own reasoning.

It's a shame that Clinton vs Obama became FEMALE TEAM vs BLACK (/WHITE GUILT) TEAM, it would've been cool if Clinton's never-say-die campaign forced the public to try to distinguish between two politicians of on the same party. Or at least curl up into a fetal position while trying.

But, anyway, people are generally assholes for a lot of reasons, but I guess I meant I'd like to confirm that 51% of America are that SPECIAL kind of stupid asshole that would rather doom a nation than trust a black person.

Benjamin said...

Brad-- Far be it from me to inject optimism into a discussion (quite honestly, I think we're doomed either way), but IF McCain wins, it won't be because 51% of Americans are afraid to "trust a black person."

It will be because 31% of people will always vote Republican. 10% of people are still scared to death of "the next 9/11." 5% will have watched Obama try to speak without a prompter, 3% will be first time female voters with daddy issues, and maybe politically active xenophobes will make up the remaining 2%.

I just don't see race playing as profound a role in this election as has been suggested. The last remaining sizable population of bigots is on Social Security now, and they'll vote for Obama because AARP tells them to. Young racists don't vote Democrat OR Republican, due either to felony conviction or support for some seventh-party Klan dragon.

Obama has every chance of winning. In the end, this election will not be decided on race, but as always, on who can peddle better bullshit.

Brad O'Farrell said...

I hope that's true. I guess I'm somewhat generalizing republicans, but also speaking from experience. It's clear (from approval ratings) that even Republicans are sick of the Republicans, and it worries me that they might have race as a reason to not vote for 'the other guy'. From my experience, it's not just old people and young hicks who are bigots, I think a lot of normal people are still secretly racist, in such a way that they would never disclose outside of a secret ballot.

My dad, step mom (who aren't even 'southern country folk', they're from the midwest) and my aunt, uncle, and that whole side of the family (who are from the south) all keep up a facade of tolerance, but reveal their secret racism in any sort of interpersonal dispute involving a family member interacting with someone of a different race, or in the event that it becomes necessary to them to yell at a black person on their television. I don't think genuine racism (the kind that would keep someone from voting for a black person) is really a thing of the past. I think public discrimination is a thing of the past, but I think a depressingly large portion of the population is still secretly racist.

And I know McCain isn't making race an issue (no way near as much as Hillary subtly tried to) but he's definitely pandering to the demographic that I think would probably already have that kind of issue with Obama.

Anonymous said...



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