Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I THOUGHT FOR A MOMENT that it might be nice to be a Republican delegate.

YOU GET to make up your own reality in which a conservative activist is actually a centrist, your leader's craven decision is actually a mavericky one, and where a refueling stop-over in Ireland actually counts as foreign policy experience, and issues don't matter.

IT IS LIKE THEY HAVE MADE UP their own little, self-contained universe in the Xcel center. One big flag-y LARP.

That is all.


dayna said...

Thinking of right-wingers as LARPers does make me feel a bit better. Thank you.

superBadGirl said...

I have a friend who likes to drunkenly holler "LARP!" at any passers-by who look, to his trained eye, like LARPers. It comforts me to know that he can now be encouraged to holler this at all conservative-looking folks.

Finally an explanation for the alternate reality in which they seem to be living.

Benjamin said...

To be fair, this could be said of both parties. What could be more thrilling than to cheer and whoop and holler with a stadium full of people who all believe exactly what you believe? It would be fun to feel like you have a personal stake in this election, the most important election in the history of important elections.

To see the coronation. To be part of the herd. To sincerely believe that, FINALLY, we have a candidate who's not just making campaign promises. This time, they're going to get it right.

A convention, either convention, is really just a secular revival. There's a lot of singing and smiling and confessing, and then everyone goes home to commit the exact same sins they were committing before. Democrat or Republican, EVERYONE promises change. And like most promises, it couldn't sound any better if it were true.