Tuesday, September 09, 2008



WHO IS designer of both BOOKS 1 and 2...

NOT TO MENTION the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company...

AND A FORMER RESIDENT of actual Boston (not just fake Boston like me),

AND PURVEYOR OF SAM POTTS INC, now of Union Square (Manhattan)

WRITES IN with a color correction, displaying the attention to detail and surprisingly long memory FOR WHICH HE IS KNOWN.


Is it too much change to foist on your readers?

This would be closer:

BROWN: color="#543930"

GOLD: color="#deb406"

The brown is darker and the gold is golder.

Also, Sam Kolb is originally from the South End, I believe. We're the last generation to have grown up thinking people could actually disappear from our lives once we changed schools or neighborhoods.


Jh HERE AGAIN SAYING: Thank you, SAM. For your many years of friendship and collaboration.

I shall make the color change VERY SOON, OR WHEN I GET AROUND TO IT.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

please reassure mr. potts:

i accept that change is inevitable.

and moreover: it would be wrong to sacrifice mr. potts' aesthetic to a futile attempt to shelter your readers from this sometimes painful truth.

so: as the one commentator that closed my eyes to this lovely brown in atavistic deference to the obsolete blue, i'd like to formally say that i'm embracing this change. AND ALSO: yay--john hodgman has a new book.

ALSO: sarah palin hates polar bears.

Sam Kolb said...

That Sam Potts! Though we moved from the South End when my mother was mugged one time too many, I will never forget the blizzard of '78, spent sledding and building real snow tunnels (to put even the most luminous molemanic burrows to shame), and how the schools had to introduce a special reading program to make up for the weeks lost to frosty goodness.

Perry Gerakines said...

Ah, the blizzard of '78. Good times tunneling around in my front yard under the snow, building caves in the snowbanks, and watching out for the next plow to come by and bury us alive.

Zac Bentz said...

So TAOME is dead to you now? Is this how it works?

Wouldn't a more sensitive solution be to combine the predominant colors into one glorious super-shade?

For instance: fig. 1.

Obviously, black is the true center of the Hodgman spectrum.

Tom Pappalardo said...

It's clearly #543931. Does he think us fools?

Oh, hexidecimal humor.

Sam Potts said...

Mr Kolb -- 2 words: Titus Sparrow. Those were the days, indeed.

I hope the change-lovers (Demos) and the change-appropiators (Repubs) will appreciate the new brown. It is less poopy, as Eric Baker used to say.

Sam Potts (not Douglas E., damn you Blogger)

Sam Kolb said...

Apologies to Mr Hodgman as I appropriate this space for yet more nostalgia. Back to your regularly scheduled discussion of 32 bit hexadecimal color anagrams in a minute...

What ever happened to David Satterthwaite (as I butcher the spelling of his name)? Did his hippy father really cook popcorn for us in the fire every afternoon in an old-school cast iron basket?

And you can't go wrong with #ABBA00