Tuesday, September 09, 2008


PAUL TOUGH's important and amazing new book, WHATEVER IT TAKES, is now on sale in Mississippi, according to his blog.

I ENCOURAGE YOU to go and buy it.

IF YOU ARE THE SORT OF PERSON who fears that nothing can be done about poverty and public education in this country (THE USA), then Jeffrey Canada's story, as told by Tough, will at once reassure you.

BUT IT WILL NOT "INSPIRE" YOU, the way so many mushy books about education do. Instead, it will challenge you to think differently, and do more.

And that is why it is important and amazing (IMPAZING is the term I use).

I ALSO HAVE EVIDENCE that the book is being sold OUTSIDE of Mississippi as well.

BUT IF YOU ARE THE SORT OF PERSON who either lives in Oxford or loves geographical inconvenience, here is some more information on that bookstore in the photo, which is pretty amazant in itself.

That is all.

PS: Paul also blogs about education for Slate, and tumbles at tumblr. He also has pretty much the coolest e-mail address ever.


karyrogers said...

Even though the residents of Oxford are my sworn mortal enemies, Square Books is a wonderful store. I bought a George Orwell caricature t-shirt there in 1996.

Chris Devers said...

Far be it from me to disagree with you, but I'd suggest that it may be worth considering Mr Tony Finch as the owner of the world's greatest email address: dot(at)dotat.at