Monday, September 08, 2008


LAST FALL, XENI and her crew interrupted my work* with their cameras.

*(NOT REALLY: I was actually taking a suit nap)

IT WAS A LOVELY VISIT, and I am very grateful that they have chosen to reveal more of my private life on BoingBoingTV today.

SEE HERE for the previous visit, including Ape Lad's early, inaccurate illustrations of A SMALL PARLOR OF MOLE-MEN.

YOU CANNOT BLAME Ape Lad, though. He did not know at the time that the mole-men are:


(to paraphrase Hobbes)

...or that they always wear powdered wigs.

BUT SOON YOU WILL ALL KNOW THIS AND MORE, and in much greater detail than you probably need.



B2 said...

Your wealth of knowledge astounds and frightens me. That said, I'm digging 664444.

Sam Kolb said...

what is the proper course of action if you suspect a coworker of being of the Molemanic Persuasion? He is very persuasive and secretes a lot.

Jay Ferris said...

I'm not quite sure what this Boing Boing thing is all about; I jumped here from one of your porn affiliates.

alice said...

You quoted Monty Python in that segment, my hat is off to you good sir.

Lhyzz said...

My going to Amazon to put your book on my wishlist led me put other books on my wishlist, and buy used the one Sarah Vowell book I'd overlooked ("Take the Canoli"). If you see Sarah at one of those secret author meetings you have in that underground cavern filled with ornate candelabras and every kind of cheese known to man, you may tell her "You're welcome."

Actually, I'm buying it used, so she's not making any money off of the bargain. Better not to mention it at all.

But I did put her upcoming book on my wishlist also, so that's something you can talk about. You know... if my name comes up. Which it probably will.

Brad O'Farrell said...

Added "October 21st" to Google Calender, filed under "M"

Tim said...

Am I correctly interpreting the repetition in the mole-men's description to imply that they are both luminous in and of themselves, and coated in an additionally luminous covering of muc(o)us?

hodg-man said...

No. That was a mistake.

That is all.

Unknown said...

I am very glad I have 700 more chances to get it right.
Also, I resisted the urge to transcribe the names shown on screen during the video.

Hysteresis Monkey said...

Dude, I saw the BBTV thing, and it reminded me to ask:

Was it really you that my wife and I fanboyed at that coffee shop in Maine?

If so, so sorry.

Especially since the wifi started working as soon as the patrons got the kid to reboot the router.