Wednesday, September 10, 2008


THANKS TO POTTS, we now see a brown more closely approximating:


and which I am now holding in my ACTUAL HANDS

That is all.


Adam N. said...

I must commend your new layout. It is truly the most beauteous sight that I have ever beheld.

Adam N. said...

...Even if it is dirt colored.

DeleteMe said...

Uh, what's happening, CC?
They still call it the White House
But that's a temporary condition, too.
Can you dig it, CC?

certifiedprepwn3d said...

This brown is much nicer.

You should get a suit this exact color to wear on your tour so no one will be able to tell where you end and your book begins.

Not just a regular suit either, a-a body suit! Yeah!

Khthonian said...

With all your work in the field of COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE I was musing upon the tragedy of Spell Check registering your surname as a misprint! Surely we must get it into the Reference books?

-Your friend, Nathaniel Grover of Shoe Town

McShowoff said...

What can the NEW BROWN do for YOU?

wilson said...

Not like newborn brown,as he opens his maw like the last gapping pie hole of summer fruits wrenching about inside of him churning out gifts the size of his head.

No its more of hot cocoa cooked on top of the stove kind of brown the kind with marshmallows and buttered popcorn floating on top drunk in greedy gulps from a bowl with a chipped edge toes tingling unleashed from tight skates warming by a fire. Sunday supper of warm milk and popcorn, so delicious you don't care if there isn't any gray meat kind of brown.

thepuppethead said...

The blog is much improved. I will read it somewhat more vigorously now -- perhaps even with true gusto. Well done.