Monday, September 08, 2008


AS ONLY THE MOST OBSESSIVE OF YOU WILL NOTICE, we have a new background color scheme (#66444) here today,

ONE DESIGNED TO BARELY APPROXIMATE the jacket of my new, actual book.

WHICH JACKET, may be viewed here, thanks to the efforts of Potts and Connor.

AND WHICH BOOK is, or will be, discussed HERE.

FROM TIME TO TIME in the coming weeks, I will mention news pertaining to this book, its publication (Oct 21), and the tour of US cities that will follow.

I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND why I must do this.

I PROMISE it will not be intrusive, and I will return to regular blogging of FREESTYLE CANOEING as soon as possible.

That is all.


tony said...

Following the links under "why I must do this" I was relieved to not find pictures of you and your family on a sidewalk selling apples to bankers.

Or some other depression-era type activity.

Anonymous said...

ok, i found this color change to be unexpectedly disquieting. TOO MUCH CHANGE. i'll get used to it.

but congratulations on the new book. i look forward to the publication. cheers, john hodgman.

ramona said...

the most obsessive of us can read hexadecimal. Also postnet code. Because the most obsessive of us are design nerds. Just ask that Potts guy.

Tonamel said...

This is the latest thing to add to the list of "things I want that are all being released on Oct 21st."

My wallet wishes the entertainment industries could coordinate this better. However, my wallet knows that you do not have control over such things, and does not blame you, Mr. Hodgeman.

I might, though.

Tim said...

More brown than I require.

Unknown said...

I need more information.

Such as this: when will your Powell's appearance be?

Jacob Karnas said...


I've already purchased 12 copies of AOME for 12 friends this year. I will have to purchase a copy of this book for each as well.

Assuming it's good.

Which it will/should be.

BTW: Ryan can't wait either.


pinhead said...

What can Brown do for you?
Apparently a lot.

Admin said...

I think the web-safe brown of the blog fails to replicate the chocolatey-brown of the cover. It oscillates distressingly between "Scrote" (a pinkish grey) and "Irregular mole" with a touch of the made up colour, "Gred."
The book is being released on my daughter's seventh birthday. I look forward to presenting her with it.

alice said...

The information I require is if there will be an audiobook version, with or without the feral man-child stylings of Jonathan Coulton.

Unknown said...

Please come back to Book Soup in Hollywood. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Please come to Kepler's Bookstore in Menlo Park. My husband works there, and worships you.

Alex Perham said...

HODGMAN your blogger style is coming dangerously close to mine. I must ask you to cease or I will have to and could you live with yourself then?

Could you?

Annje said...

Does a happy dance at the release of your new book. Will miss the blue background, but found the new color quite calming. Guess I just love change. Will look forward to hearing about the book tour.

JackalFive said...

The even MORE obsessive would point out that the new, more proper way of expressing that colour is #644, and not #664444.

I would never think of even mentioning such a thing. I'm just saying.

Looking forward to your tour. Please note that I reside in southern Ontario, so any non-Canadian book tours done by you will result in you meeting an obsessive (or "Hodgminion" as I prefer to call it) in MIchigan or upstate New York, bragging/lamenting on how far said person drove to see you.


Unknown said...

I hope that you may get paid another $35 scholarship to read this book aloud in a soundproof room with Jonathan Coulton.


Brad O'Farrell said...

Hey, I just realized, October 21 is not only the day your book comes out, but it's also the day of the first LHC collision (today they were just testing running the beams). So, it's possible the world could end hours before your book comes out.

Unknown said...

LHC, Release of book, tabulate that...

Oh look, Ragnarok.