Wednesday, September 03, 2008


WHILE IT MAKES MY fingerpads burn a little bit to link to her, Dr. Laura is at least consistent.

I am extremely disappointed in the choice of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate of the Republican Party.
NOW I WILL ADMIT: I used to listen to Dr. Laura in the car on my way to and from therapy. And so, perhaps for that reason, I still find her particular brand of sanctimonious know-it-some-ness to be strangely soothing.

That is all.


Kangarara said...

I don't get it. Is Palin a single parent? Can't her husband quit his job?

slugicide said...

It's good to see somebody still fighting the good fight against those family-destroying daycare centers! Strangers in charge of your kids during the day? I just won't do.

Jacob Karnas said...

My mother is a rabid listener of Dr. Laura.

Personally: I hate the bitch.

I know, I know, those words may be too strong. Or are they.

It's just that there are so many points raised by her that I cannot agree with. And then she gets into my mother's head.

Luckily, some part of my mother's sense of humour has been retained.


DeleteMe said...

The know-it-some-ness of the "Dr. Laura" character that Laura S. portrays has some interesting connections to the know-it-all-ness of the "John Hodgman" character you portray.

I think you see what I'm getting at here:
Where are the nude photos, John?

Laura said...

Got to love someone who thinks all mothers should be stay-at-home when she doesn't do so herself. Hypocrite much?

Jenny said...

It might just be possible that the fact that Sarah Palin is a mom is not the reason Dr. Laura thinks she shouldn't be VP.

portablelife said...

Dr. Laura's opinion seems to be something that I'm hearing more and more from women on the right. Cindy McCain, Rudy Guliani, and the rest are calling it sexism.

I hate to agree with Cindy and Rudy but, ofcourse, it is sexism. In my opinion, however, I think it's sexism in a way that is far more interesting than what they are suggesting. I think it's an embarassing exposure of a truth that has been, up until now, hidden behind our society's gender role bias. That often times our politicians, with all the deamnds of office, are bad spouses and parents. And this is acceptable in our male politicians but unacceptable for the women.

So what Cindy and Rudy are really saying is that Sarah has as much a right to be a neglectful spouse and parent as a man.

Let's be honest. My heart bleeds just as much as the next liberal but with 5 children (and one having down's syndrome) there is no way that Palin will be able to keep up with the 24 hour demands of vice presidency (let alone potentially being president) without being a pretty crappy spouse and parent. And if she were a he that would still be true but we are much more tolerant with neglectful Husbands/Fathers than we are neglectful Wives/Mothers.

Lhyzz said...

What portablelife said, only I'd like to add that if Sarah Palin were Steve Palin, nobody would even be mentioning whether his having five children, one an infant with Down's syndrome, would have an effect on his ability to serve competently as a VP, or even Prez. Like kangarara said, what's Mr. Palin doing that's so important he can't care for their children?

The most sexist thing in this entire Palin controversy is the expectation on the part of the McCain campaign that the simple fact that Palin is a woman is enough to garner the votes of undecided female voters. If I weren't a very loyal liberal Democrat, or if I had my head up my ass about the simple differences between the two candidates, and I didn't know who I wanted to vote for, I think the choice of Palin as running mate would send me running to Obama very quickly.

Admin said...

She can shoot and field-dress a moose, yes. But can she shoot an old man in the face and field dress him? That is the true test of the vice-presidency. Only time will tell if she is up to it