Monday, September 15, 2008


OBVIOUSLY one doesn't know the full context and all the small legalities of the moment.

BUT ON ITS FACE, this does not leave one with a good feeling.

STILL: DID WE REALLY NEED the guy dressed up like a pea pod?

That is all.


Dan Warren said...

Well that's frightening. The idea that she's trespassing if she has the sign but is NOT trespassing if she gets rid of it seems to me to be a very strange definition of "trespassing".

Perry Gerakines said...

Have we returned to the point of signing "loyalty agreements" in order to get into a campaign rally? I thought McCain was trying to sound LESS like GWB, not MORE.

Droopy said...

That woman was clearly a terrorist threat. Didn't you see her suicide patchwork garment?

Anonymous said...

krugman: mccain's "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" reaches herbert hoover levels of denial.


Anonymous said...

ok, slight amendment to my earlier comment. i didn't realize that krugman compared mccain to hoover BECAUSE MCCAIN IS ACTUALLY QUOTING HOOVER DURING THE DEPRESSION.

herbert hoover, 1931: "the economy is fundamentally strong."

john mccain, 2008: "the fundamentals of the economy are strong."

i mean, did we just win this thing?

Clever Monkey said...

Well, duh. Everyone knows that the correct political equation operator is "==", not "=".

This is not politics. It is clearly debugging.

Privacy-Center said...

Wow, Frightening is an understatement! That is downright scary!