Saturday, September 27, 2008


I HAVE BEEN OUT OF TOWN, visiting the celebrity enclaves of LOS ANGELES and now ORLANDO FLORIDA, so please forgive the non-existent posting.

COURTESY XENI, here---FINALLY---is the corrected embed of the famous "KAKI KING" episode:

AND COURTESY XENI AGAIN, here is a link to Kaki's astonishing DUNE NERD-DOM, which makes me love her all the more.

AND COURTESY XENI and all at BoingBoingTV in the future, stay on the look out for "SPAMASTERPIECE THEATER" and other MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE.

That is all.


certifiedprepwn3d said...

Some information I don't require but would be nice to have is tour information, if indeed there shall be a tour by you in connection with your new book.

Otherwise, enjoy Florida, and watch out for the old people.

Paul F said...

Slightly off-topic, but is it true that the audiobook of MITYR will be out on Dec 31st 2025?

Because that is an exceptionally long wait. And my credit card may have expired by then, rendering any pre-order I make useless. :)

Bryan Stoll said...
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Bryan Stoll said...

Shingle Creek is right next to me. I go to the college next door, named after the owner of your hotel.

Mr. Zickler said...

Having now actually SEEN the video, I understand completely why you are in love with Ms. King. AND, I am even more excited that I have a ticket to see her open for the Mountain Goats next month.

Life is good.