Friday, September 29, 2006


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Here is an ASTONISHINGLY UNRETOUCHED PHOTO of a shirt which, according to its creator, was made with her own two hands, and a THIRD, SEWING-MACHINE-SHAPED HAND.

I have examined this garment and may verify IT IS TOTALLY AUTHENTIC.

IT WAS A SUPER-PRIVILEGE AND GREAT THRILL to bother Neil Gaiman on stage last night at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

AND TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: yes, those armchairs were as comfortable as they looked.

I FELT ESPECIALLY GUILTY because most people in life do not get to ask Neil questions while sitting in a comfortable leather armchair, unless they do so at home, via his journal. Where as of this writing he offers this news: he is flying to Washington DC today, and you may now buy his new book FRAGILE THINGS.

I think you know what to do next.



juniper pearl said...
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juniper pearl said...

attention all:

please read this important squirrel update. while mr. hodgman has (rightfully) focused on the vicious, crawling evil that is the black squirrel, the brown tree squirrels have been free to hone their plans for world domination, which they now appear to be setting into motion. if you are a resident of mountain view, california, DO NOT fill your child's pockets with muffin crumbs and send him or her to the park--IT IS NOT SAFE!

Anonymous said...

i didn't want to admit it before because it gets in the way of the badass image i am trying to cultivate, but i've also been attacked by squirrels. all i'm saying is, they're not kidding around when they tell you not to feed the squirrels in yosemite. also: don't call out to your sister for help, because she will only laugh and take pictures.