Thursday, September 14, 2006


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Oh, Joy--

I enjoy a Peter McNichol reference as much as the next man, and of course this is brilliant.

But I should note again that the original intention of the game was to promote unretouched photos of actual h-in-sunrays markings. The idea of photo manipulation hadn't occurred to me.

That said, these things take a life of their own, and that is how it should be. I do not wish to be controlling. Those who wish to draw in actual chalk and those who wish to draw in virtual chalk are all equally thanked by me.

That is all.


TheRadford said...

JH, did I ever tell you that I "knew" MacNichol in college? When I was at NYU being a drama fag par excellence, I was in teh Playwrights Horizons acting studio, and my acting teacher was pals with Peter. He'd come in once in a while to kind of TA a class, and we used to sit out on the stairs of the building with him after class, smoking cigarettes and pestering him with questions about Meryl Streep. Good times.

juniper pearl said...

isn't it macnicol? what sort of fans are you people? remember that hodgman is a self-proclaimed curator and disseminator of nontruth, and question his spelling appropriately.

anyone who would like to duel over this issue should wear pants to the brookline booksmith on september 27. you will know me by the way i will be kicking your pants-clad, misspelling ass.