Wednesday, September 06, 2006


On Thursday evening, Sept 7th, at 7PM...

COULTON and I will be presenting material from what we commonly refer to as "THE PAPERBACK EDITION."

This will be the first official presentation of this new, much more flexible edition of my book, and it shall occur at the Barnes and Noble in Astor Place. If you want to know what it looks like, go here.

(Pictured, one of the several beavers depicted on the walls of the Astor Place IRT station, so named for John Jacob Astor, renowned furrier and beaver-killer of NYC's ancient past).

If you hate glazed beaver plaques or are too good to ride the subway, perhaps you might walk or take a pedicab? But by all means: PLEASE STOP BY AND SAY HELLO.

But if you are nowhere near Manhattan and wish to buy the book, one way would be to visit NPR, where your purchase somehow aids the hopeless cause of radio. You know how I feel about hopeless causes.

(Scroll down to "PURCHASE FEATURED BOOKS" and then do exactly what it tells you to do)

Or else wait, and perhaps we shall meet ON THE AMERICAN ROAD.

That is all.

(Photo credit: Rich Panse)


Jesse Thorn said...

nice beaver. very nice beaver.

Richard said...

I walked there...and I would tell anyone that seeing you in person is well worth the exercise, or whatever effort is required to get there. You couldn't have been more charming or funny, and the audience seemed like exactly the right sort of audience for this sort of thing.

(I was surprised at one line you read that was laugh-out-loud funny in print, but actually got cheers and applause from this crowd -- it may have been a local thing.)

I doubt anyone reading this would need further encouragement...but just in case someone is afraid seeing Hodgman and Coulton in person might be redundant or disappointing, rest assured that's not the case.

BIG said...

You can't go wrong with a glazed beaver.