Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hobo sign
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MANY, MANY thanks to everyone who visited with us in my hometown of Brookline, MA.

I WAS GOING TO ASK if anyone happened to photograph the secret message spotted at the Brookline Booksmith, as I had forgotten to.

BUT LO, the internet and spi516 had already answered.

TONIGHT: Gaiman.

THE FUTURE: Chicago, city of THE FUTURE.

That is all.


Mr Holland's Popus said...

Hi John,

Just wanted to say your reading last night in The Line, as my friends and I don't really call it, was fantastic.

I didn't get a chance to shake your hand as there were walkie-talkie hogs with their wacky questions, along with a line of admirers which I was at the end of, and had to leave as my ladybird, who is a teacher, needed to go home and sleep. I may regret this my whole life long. Also, sorry about all those commas in that sentence up there.

Well had I gotten to stick around and have you sign my hardcover (and my book) I'd have said many thanks for writing the Areas of my Expertise. If I were to ever write a book, yours is the closest thing I can think of that mine would be like. But definitely not on the level of yours. So I'm not going to bother with that. But it definitely made me very happy to find another soul out there with a very similar sense of humor and clear love of wordsmithery.

At this point I would have been holding up your line and continuing to tell you that back when I was in college, a friend and I wrote some monologues for our sketch troupe's show with heavy use of silliness and made up words, which I'd love to share with you.

Then you would probably smile and say, "Thanks, now if you could let the next person in line go. I'll call you." then never actually give me your number.

aaaaanyway, good on you, you've made many people's lives happier with your assorted works.

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Unknown said...

If you have the book, you have his number. Also, here's another similarly cryptic sentence: if you are reading this, you have 6/7's of my number too. Well, except for the area code : 407. There, 9/10's of my number.
I hope I have not written anything I will regret.

Unknown said...

I should note that the previous comment was for the eyes of Pope. If you are not the Pope, please un-read it.
Also, Mr. Hodgman, were you aware of the presence of Florida? We would welcome you and your mountain man friend (he would probably need to be de-loused first).

Mr Holland's Popus said...

really, his number's in the book? I've needed an excuse to re-read it, and now I will.

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

Thanks again for another evening of worthwhile amusement. At least this time all I had to do was take the T instead of driving all the way out to Montague.

For what it's worth, despite being out so late, I still managed to make my 8am Numerical Analysis class at UMass-Dartmouth. No small feat for me because unlike most undergrads, I am not a night owl.

spi said...

Glad I could help with spotting the H in Sunray that appeared in Brookline last night. Even with the people in front of me I was able to get a picture.

Had a wonderful time. I just wish I had had the energy to get to Coulton's set at the dise. Oh well maybe next time.

juniper pearl said...

you all might be pleased to hear that as of october 4, this H was intact, and it's likely that it'll stay that way as long as the building does. those booksmiths are mighty proud of their native son.