Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The Hobotones
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The answer is no. This picture was uploaded last week.

But I am informed that e-hobo will reach its full complement of 700 hobo illustrations today, TUESDAY, Sept 5.

It will be provided by "El Sloth," the slow, updside-down-hanging fellow who provided this very first illustration.

Then Apelad, Annje, Jawbone, Xadrian, Boxcar Avenger, Marcus Parcus, Juco, Dark Mark, Halcyon Snow, Dutchboy, Horsemask, the Grey Engima, Dan Coulter, and so many more* will at last be done with their strange marvel of a project. Except for 100 more hoboes, just added.

(*And then, perhaps, they will take up the equally time-consuming, abitrary, and necessary charge of illustrating 700 hobo illustrator nicknames).

Meanwhile, if you wish, you may listen this evening forthe secret messages on the radio(if you are not doing so already. And if you are not doing so already, what is wrong with you?).

And finally, to bury the lead, the very soft, pliable, paperback edition of my book is officially published today.

Please note: it can be rolled up into a stake, but if you use it to stab the undead, you will be in for a bad surprise.

That is all.


marcus said...

thanks for the superb source material, mr. hodgman. i doff my cap to you.

Unknown said...

As of this post, all 700 have been officially drawn.

El Sloth (aka Daniel Scardenas) did both the 1st and the 700th drawing.

We all look forward to doing the next 100 and all the projects we've banded together to accomplish.


Annje said...

Glenn, feel free to submit your version of "Taxachusetts' Glenn." Even if there's one version I'm always amazed at the different views of the names. Come join the hobo party!!

RougeRogue said...
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RougeRogue said...

I've been wondering if Mr. Frederick Bannister and Sam Raimi's friend, Bruce Campbell, are one-and-the-same person . . . I mean, you've never seen them in the same room together . . .

. . . and, does Mr. Bannister buy his arm patches and jacket-closing thumbtacks at the same store? I bet he gets a discount on the patches . . . lucky bastard.

Enjoyed it, thanks -- will be getting the book, soon.

Unknown said...

Now it behooves each hobo artist to draw all 700 several times in a variety of media and sizes. When this is completed, all original artworks will be collected and freighted via boxcar to a secret location and subsequently disappear from existence forever in a mysterious fashion. There will be no flash photography allowed at this event.

At least that's my plan for the future of the project.

Len said...

I got the paperback today and I can't wait to draw a couple of those for good measure. Thanks for the wealth of source material, Mr. Hodgman.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! i like that amazon points out that AOME contains the statisticly improbably phrases "former professional literary agent" and also "pajama man". now THAT's a book.

hodg-man said...

Thank you all. Please spread the word via long distance typing.

I am Jh.

That is all.

Tamarah Phillips said...

have you ever heard hoboetry? I wonder if you ran into it anywhere in Seattle, since that is where I first encounted it myself.

pixelbuffer said...

I must purchase a LEGAL and 100% AUTHENTIC copy of the paperback powerhouse. Thank-you JH, there is an eponymous boxcar in heaven waiting for you