Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hobo sign
Originally uploaded by spi516.
MANY, MANY thanks to everyone who visited with us in my hometown of Brookline, MA.

I WAS GOING TO ASK if anyone happened to photograph the secret message spotted at the Brookline Booksmith, as I had forgotten to.

BUT LO, the internet and spi516 had already answered.

TONIGHT: Gaiman.

THE FUTURE: Chicago, city of THE FUTURE.

That is all.


Unknown said...

If you have the book, you have his number. Also, here's another similarly cryptic sentence: if you are reading this, you have 6/7's of my number too. Well, except for the area code : 407. There, 9/10's of my number.
I hope I have not written anything I will regret.

Unknown said...

I should note that the previous comment was for the eyes of Pope. If you are not the Pope, please un-read it.
Also, Mr. Hodgman, were you aware of the presence of Florida? We would welcome you and your mountain man friend (he would probably need to be de-loused first).

spi said...

Glad I could help with spotting the H in Sunray that appeared in Brookline last night. Even with the people in front of me I was able to get a picture.

Had a wonderful time. I just wish I had had the energy to get to Coulton's set at the dise. Oh well maybe next time.

juniper pearl said...

you all might be pleased to hear that as of october 4, this H was intact, and it's likely that it'll stay that way as long as the building does. those booksmiths are mighty proud of their native son.